MiniJobs PHP Script

MiniJobs PHP Script
MiniJobs PHP Script
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General Features

  • Signup verification by email
  • IP logging and Verification for Singups
  • Anti cheat System with Admin Notifications
  • Bonus & Multi Referral System
  • User’s Balance in CASH ( withdrawable )
  • User’s Balance in Wallet (Non-withdrawable )
  • Signup bonus limited to use for start a campaign only.
  • Multi Referral banner system with API
  • Employer can start a Campaign with multi selections/features.
  • Workers can post Free Gigs like Fiver and sale services / products
  • Voucher/ coupon generate system
  • Auto worker Success rate calculation
  • Built-in blog with multi moderator assigned by Admin
  • Unlimited categories for jobs
  • Unlimited Sub-category for jobs
  • Separated Paid Sub-category system
  • Built-in separate user inbox/outbox system
  • Setup Auto job marked satisfied when work not-reviewed by employer
  • Instant Auto Balance deposit gateways with IPN supported
  • Social media sharing System
  • Newsletters system
  • Fake account / Spammers Auto banned system .+More features can be seen in live demo

Jobs Campaign modes

  • MiniJob Beta provide multi campaign mode for your site
  • Hired Group Campaigns
    Employer make a group and search best workers
    by category , country , success rate
    Only hired workers by employer can do this job
  • International Campaigns
    Employer start a international campaign
    All users will be able to do his job
  • USA , uk/eu/au campaigns
    Only workers from usa (optional uk/eu/au)
    will be able to do this job
  • Selected / Limited countries Campaigns
    Employer can choose workers from his required country.
    Employer can include /exclude country in this campaign
    Only workers from Included country can do this job
  • PTC (pay per click) Campaigns
    Employer who need only visitors to click
    employer can setup the visit duration by paying
    All user can do this job,no proof submission need
  • Offer / Selling Product or Services Campaigns
    Any Member can post their Offer like fiver
    Other members can Order/ buy the service
    +More features can be seen in live demo

Freelancer features

  • Email Verification by link.
  • Must be verified by email verification link
  • Can browse job by category
  • Can work in selected category skills only
  • Can Post a Offer / selling / Services / Products
  • Can edit profile & upload a picture for limited uploads
  • Auto paid if employer doesn’t check proof for long (7 days)
  • Cash balance (withdrawable) which earned by jobs and referrals only
  • Wallet balance ,bonus and other refunds (non withdrawable)
  • Get two chances to do proof correction if decided by employer
  • Can check all transactions in account menu
  • Built-in separate user inbox/outbox
  • Must be login once in 30 days or setup by Admin
  • Can do a job if success rate is above (as Admin decide)
  • Can generate & generate vouchers for site use only(non-withdrawable)+More features can be seen in live demo

Employer features

  • Start a campaign and complete payment (deposit)
  • Select from 5 types of campaign mode
  • Can make a group of best worker by search
  • Job can be auto approve (if Admin setup) or wait for approval
  • Can mark SPAM to any proof and report to Admin system alert
  • Can Give two chances to worker to do correction of work
  • Employer get all IP address of all workers to verify
  • System pay only when employer is satisfied
  • Can edit/ canceled/ finish own job anytime (instant refund by system)
  • Can resume old jobs by paying
  • Auto job satisfied for non-reviewed proofs(7days)
  • Separate secured employer panel for proof checking
  • Instant deposits gateways to start campaign
  • Employer can also do other jobs
  • A complete user guide included+More features can be seen in live demo

Admin features

  • Admin login panel is secured by limited try of login attempts
  • Fully controlled by system when Admin logout
  • Can edit , accept or reject any job
  • Can edit any profile or balance
  • Can issue a withdrawable or non withdrawable coupons
  • Can enable or disabled any pay gateway
  • can assign anyone as blog moderator
  • Unlimited category for jobs
  • Unlimited Sub-category for jobs
  • separate Sub-category cost supported
  • Built-in separate Admin inbox/outbox
  • Can create referral banners / edit site pages + more
  • can enable or disabled any withdraw option
  • get all notification by inbox & email
  • Can restrict or block any country
  • can send a message to all user,force to read+More features can be seen in live demo

Pay gateways with IPN supported

  • Mini Job support as folliwng instant payment gateways for Instant deposit by users.
  • When user complete checkout they get instant autoupdated balance
  • Any gateways can be enabled or disabled separately from deposit and withdraw options.
  • All Gateway can se setup for deposit and withdrawal fees by Admin.Instant API gateways
  • PayPal – (Instant)
  • 2Checkout (2co) – (Instant)
  • Skrill ( ex moneybookers ) – (Instant)Manual described gateways ( Offline manual processing for any Local / INT payments )
  • Western Union
  • BitCoin or any crypto
  • Local / INT Bank DepositIf you want any other payment gateway ( API supported ) ?
    It can be integrated on request by our hired programmers ( may cost extra fee)+More features can be seen in live demo

Security features

  • System security monitored each & every step for user
  • Bonus & Referral System monitored
  • IP Logging for each & every user
  • Notify for multiple account holder from single computer
  • Monitor Fake referrals
  • Auto banned user for any illegal attempt
  • Admin can include or exclude any country for signup
  • SPAM or Disposable email blocks,list can be edit in Admin panel
  • Send all notification to Admin only by email and site inbox
  • IPN double verification for deposit if altered by user
  • IP check to block making two account from single user
  • Filter all user input before save on database
  • Block signup from countries which Admin didn’t included
  • Monitored and email for all Instant Balance deposits gateways+More features can be seen in live demo

Multi Currency Supported

  • Script supported 27 default currency for deposit & withdrawals
  • Also, You can setup your Own Currency setup like coins / points system for user’s balances.
  • Admin can use the site for any currency system to operate user’s balance
  • Admin can also setup user’s balance to operate in Points or coins system.
  • Admin can defined own symbol to operate user’s balance.When using user’s balance to operate in Points or coins system?
  • Points or coins will be auto convert to USD by conversion rate can be setup by Admin
  • User will deposit funds in USD and system convert USD to Points or coins automatically to add in user’s account.You can use any gateway for your own system without any worries
    all gateways are auto update user’s balance on Instant deposits+More features can be seen in live demo